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Why People Avoid Recovery Treatment

Recovery treatment can help a patient deal with psychological and physiological effects of substance abuse. But some patients avoid recovery treatments. They don’t believe it can help them, have given up on getting better, or are afraid of withdrawal symptoms. People who have never done substance abuse may not understand that addiction makes you believe in a lot of things. For example, the patient feels that they are not ready to give up drugs because they are getting something positive. They think that their substance abuse is helping them manage or conceal their underlying issues. Here are some reasons why people avoid recovery.

They are afraid about their reputation

Most people do not join recovery programs because they believe that they can’t take time off work of school. If they do, everybody will know that they were addicted. They think that there will be a significant negative impact on their reputation. People will not trust them or want to keep in contact with them. The fear of losing their reputation makes many patients not join recovery programs till it’s too late.

They have horrific withdrawal symptoms

Some substances have excruciating withdrawal symptoms and patients believe that recovery programs won’t help them manage these withdrawals. But that’s far from the truth, as recovery programs are created to help patients deal with the physical and psychological symptoms. This means treating the patient every step of the way.

Hoping they don’t have to recover

When a patient abuses substances for a long time and in a large amount, they can’t imagine giving up on something they depend on so much. So even if the adverse side effects harm their bodies, they avoid a recovery program. This may be related to their damaged self-esteem or fear of being deproved of something they think they need.

Do not have support and guidance

Patients are often surrounded by people who either judge them for their addiction or are addicted themselves. They are not treated with the compassion and empathy they deserve. This means the patient will not believe that a doctor or addiction specialist will understand them, making them lose hope in recovery.

They do not know where to look for help

Most patients can’t find a suitable recovery program to help with their addiction. This means that they might be using more than one substance and want a recovery program that is personalized to their addiction. If they can’t find a customized recovery program, they give up on the idea altogether. If you are looking for a recovery program that helps you with your addiction, talk to our addiction specialists. At Maryland Medication Assisted Treatment and Technology, we provide drug addiction treatment in Baltimore with the help of our suboxone doctors in Owings Mills. We ensure that our TRUE recovery program will assist you with all the side effects and symptoms of addiction. So contact us today for addiction treatment in Baltimore.