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How to Avoid Relapsing

In the first few weeks of recovery, patients tend to relapse. Addiction treatment is not easy as it seems because it affects the body and the mind. Therefore, you need a sound support system that guides you and helps you during the challenging steps. If you have been using substances for a long time, withdrawal symptoms can be quite severe. So having someone by your side to take care of you during that time is vital for your health. Apart from that, you need a system that helps you avoid relapsing. Here’s how you can do it.

Take therapy sessions

Don’t underestimate the power of therapy. As an addiction patient, you go through a lot. Some addiction patients have past trauma that led them to substance abuse in the first place. Undergoing therapy sessions will help you deal with trauma and manage your emotions. A therapist will assist you in healing past trauma; cementing your present dedication, and future recovery. Therefore, talking to your therapist will help you not relapse.

Attend support group meetings

Support groups can be a form of collaborative care. They will allow you to feel like you’re not alone and can offer empathetic support. They understand the urge to relapse and the excruciating withdrawal symptoms you have to face. A support group opens its arms for everyone, making you feel like you are part of a community. This makes it easier to talk about things that bother you about recovery or support you in your journey.

Take up a hobby

That’s right! As unconventional as that may sound, taking up a hobby will help you calm your nerves and make you invest in something. A lot of people get into sports to stay busy and focused on their sobriety You can also take up charity work, like cooking for a shelter home, puzzles with the elderly, reading to the blind or knitting toys for the orphans. These activities release endorphins in your body as they provide a sense of achievement.

Self-forgive and self-love

One of the hardest things a patient has to do during recovery time is to self-forgive and self-love, that is why their minds divert towards the negative thoughts. This becomes dangerous as the patient wants to use it again for an easier escape. To avoid using again, you must forgive yourself for past trauma, and self-love will follow.

Inadequate treatment programs

Some treatment programs do not fit with the type of addiction. Therefore, treatment programs cannot be a one size fits all; they have to be modified and customized according to the person. At Maryland Medication Assisted Treatment and Technology, we take care of our patients with a TRUE recovery program. Our addiction doctors in Baltimore are addiction specialists that do heroin addiction treatment in Owings Mills. We also have other drug addiction treatments in Baltimore for relapsing patients, so contact us today for our programs.