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Maryland Medication Assisted Treatment and Technology or MD MATT is Baltimore's Suboxone Clinic with a dedicated team of addiction professionals that treat patients addiction to opioids with medication and a scientific approach. MD MATT uses technology in unprecedented ways to support our patient’s mental health and make their lives easier during recovery.

The era we live in today is regarded as the digital age where technology is capable of helping humans out with just about everything. Why lack technological advancements in recovery then?
At Suboxone Clinic in Baltimore, we have used technology to our advantage to aid connections and make the execution of tasks more convenient. We track your progress to facilitate healthy lifestyle changes.

Our TRUE RECOVERY program helps you develop life skills to navigate the intricacies of health, career, and relationships. Our handy guide for crucial life skills will help you build a community and find purpose in leading what could be a fulfilling lifestyle.
MD MATT is dedicated to helping you find your purpose.

At MD MATT, technology is used to support the patients during their time in recovery. Purpose and Community is what helps people progress and move forward. Technology can help facilitate change, but it won’t lead to long term recovery. For that to happen, the patient first needs to have a strong grasp of their purpose (short and long term goals).

Science, Support, and Community are the keys to fighting opioid addiction. The science is medicine and technology, in most cases Suboxone and Smartphones.

Our healthcare staff oozes support and passion for making recovery from addiction easier for patients. Suboxone Clinic has intelligently incorporated technology in its treatments to help patients overcome their addictions. Whether you have had a history of prescribed pain reliever abuse or with a more severe drug variant, such as opioids, Suboxone Clinic in Baltimore is at your disposal for understanding what caused this and how it can be reverted.

True Recovery involves having the life skills to pursue your own purpose and build your own community while leading a healthy, fulfilling life. That is our ultimate goal at MD MATT, true recovery. We hope to help you find it.

At MD. M.A.T.T. we provide medication assisted treatment aided by technology.

Our Medication-Assisted Treatment, also referred to as M.A.T., makes use of patent medicine alongside therapy and counseling to successfully treat opioids or opiates addiction and, most importantly, sustain recovery. Our medical staff has been trained extensively to build healthy relationships with their patients in order to treat them well.

Prescribed medications such as buprenorphine, suboxone, Vivitrol, or suboxone, normalize chemical reactions in the brain by blocking the euphoric effects of drugs. This treatment further works to normalize functions of the body by reversing the ill effects of the drug abused previously. We also guarantee you relief from cravings upon compliance with the customized drug addiction treatment plan.

This is the first step to recovery!

suboxone clinic baltimore marylandCORE VALUES

Buprenorphine (Suboxone, Zubsolv, Bunavail, Subutex) works miracles but its full potential is not reached until counseling, community, and purpose is taken seriously by the patient.

Technology has incredible power to help with recovery; it connects us, makes our lives easier, and is a lifeline in our time of need. We cater to the smartphone era and every service you can imagine is available from any device. Support such as 24/7 counseling and text services, health track via apps, no waiting in the office, quick support in your time of need...

Community and Purpose. These principles are the basis to long term recovery. Community is the relationships around us. Our social network of friends and family is their source of support, love, and hope. Purpose is what a person does. It is activities during the day, their work, school, or other endeavors such as pursuing a career.

Through Recovery Work, you will find PURPOSE! By participating in recovery work, you will learn to build COMMUNITY and have a stable foundation for RECOVERY!


Jeanette Mitchell 

Head M.A.T.T. Nurse Practitioner 

Jeanette has over a decade of experience in the addiction industry. She has helped run facilities across Baltimore and has a true passion to help others.

"This disease does not have to keep claiming our loved ones. We are not helpless anymore. Our team of caring and compassionate can help guide you and your loved ones towards that goal of living a full and healthy life." Jeanette Mitchell
Jameela Mitchell (1)

Jamella Mitchell

M.A.T.T. Nurse Practitioner 

Jameela has 5 years experience and is part of one of the leading addiction medicine networks in the nation. We are proud to have her on our team! (3)

Kabrina Johnson

M.A.T.T. Nurse Practitioner

Kabrina has 4 years experience in addiction medicine. Her inquisitive nature and big heart make her a valuable asset to our team.


"I bring a holistic approach to treating patients with opioid use issues. I really like to help people and I love developing a relationship with patient. Patients in recovery can be a huge motivation to others, together we can be part of the solution." Kabrina Johnson