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Visit Suboxone Clinic Baltimore – MD MATT

Stop Buying Suboxone on the Street

Suboxone is a medication used for treating opioid use disorder and it is one of three medications approved by the Food and Drug Administration. Due to there being an extreme lack of licensed suboxone providers in many rural areas, many people with opioid use disorder turn to the streets to purchase Suboxone illegally. Our suboxone clinic in Baltimore, MD feels the pain and suffering of the opioid-addicted community and to do our part in saving lives, we are offering telehealth services so that those in need can be prescribed suboxone legally.

Why Are People Turning to the Streets to Get Suboxone?

Let’s face it, an opiate addiction can make someone desperate and capable of doing anything to find a way to quit. The opiate epidemic has hit cities and rural communities equally hard, making it very difficult for someone seeking medication-assisted treatment (MAT) to find the resources. People with opioid use disorder are sometimes forced to turn to the streets to get suboxone because they can’t find legal provider in their area. In order to help these individuals, make healthier choices and able to access MAT, our suboxone clinic in Randallstown, MD is offering remote telehealth services.

How We Will Help You Afford MAT!

Our program accepts personal medical insurance, state Medicaid and Medicare, additionally, we provide affordable options for people with limited income. We never want to think about someone being turned away from treatment just because of an inability to pay, so please contact our opiate addiction rehab program to discuss the options available. We are proud to be able to offer transparent pricing and when we quote you a price, what you see is what you get, there are no hidden costs.

How Can Our Suboxone Clinic in Lexington, KY Help Your Get MAT?

Our suboxone clinic in Baltimore, MD understands how hard it can to avoid purchasing suboxone on the street for people who can’t find a MAT clinic. In addition to a shortage of providers, people with opioid use disorder face stigma, judgement and are made to feel ashamed about their addiction. Through working with our telehealth services and consulting with our online provider, you don’t have to resort to street purchase and you don’t have to visit a clinic if you can’t manage it. We will help you receive MAT services and all it takes is picking up the phone!