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New Suboxone Clinic Opens

Reclaim Your Life with Help from Our Frankfort, KY Suboxone Clinic 502-305-8855

Opiates are made from the opium poppy or can be synthetically manufactured by a drug company. These medications are highly addictive and used for control or management of pain after surgery or from a chronic health condition. Misusing opiates can cause physical addiction and when it happens, we urge you to contact our Frankfort, KY suboxone clinic for opiate detox assistance.

What are the Symptoms of Opiate Detox?

Opiate withdrawal symptoms develop after cessation of opiate use and it can make someone run right back to using their drug of choice. Someone with an opiate addiction will have a strong physical dependence on opiates and will continue using despite their best intentions of stopping. With our program, we offer primary care, intensive outpatient treatment and medication-assisted treatment (MAT) for people who need help to become clean.

How is MAT Used for Managing Opiate Withdrawal Symptoms?

Our MAT services involve using suboxone to help people get off of opiates and become clean. Suboxone is a partial opiate agonist and as such, it will bind to the opiate receptors in the human brain. Suboxone when used for medication-assisted treatment because it controls withdrawal symptoms, makes opiate detox easier and prevents a relapse because it blocks cravings.

Contact our Frankfort, KY Suboxone Clinic: 502-305-8855

The process of reclaiming your life from opiate addiction isn’t easy and coupled with intense cravings and withdrawal, someone is best served by receiving professional help. Our suboxone program is compassionate and understanding, we offer patient-focused care, 24/7 availability, accept Medicaid and affordable payment options for people on a limited income. Please don’t feel like you deserve to suffer because of your opiate addiction, you don’t and your life matters, so pick up the phone and call our Frankfort, KY suboxone clinic now and regain a clean and healthy life.