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The Impact of Having Parents With a Substance Abuse Problem

Substance abuse impacts the whole family; when parents become addicted to drugs, their kids suffer all the same. Having parents with substance abuse issues can negatively impact the development and health of the children. It naturally establishes that substances play a role in being an adult. Read on to learn how parental substance addiction can impact children and why addiction treatment is important.

Impact of Parental Substance Abuse on Children  

Children often undergo many developmental and emotional delays due to parental drug abuse. Parents that are addicted to substances neglect their children. Children that grow up in such households are likely to suffer from sexual, physical and emotional abuse. Children can experience lasting traumatic effects from parental substance abuse and neglect throughout their lives. When parents focus more on alcohol or drugs, they start to lose focus on their role as a parent. The children, in this case, start to take up parental responsibilities because their parents are not emotionally and physically available. Moreover, parents usually feel guilty about this situation and their drug addiction. As a result, these feelings lead to more substance consumption to hide shame and guilt. Parental substance abuse has a serious impact, as kids realize that their needs are not a priority anymore. Parental neglect has long-lasting negative health outcomes and psychological side effects. Children with addicted parents are likely to repeat these patterns when they grow up.

Psychological Health Issues of Parents Impact Their Kids

Parents with alcohol or drug problems usually struggle with many mental health issues, which add up to the ongoing addiction. Parents that take medication for other conditions find it hard to avoid substance misuse. Many people take medication beyond what is prescribed for emotional escape or detachment. Substance misuse, parental addiction and mental health issues affect children in the long run. Children that are exposed to substances at a young age face a possible risk of accidental ingestion, overdose, poisoning or seeing their parents in this dire condition. Parental mental health issues can cause anxiety, depression and addiction among children. Children experiencing abuse can become hypervigilant and have exaggerated responses and flashbacks due to the trauma. Looking for alcohol addiction treatment in Baltimore? Maryland Medication Assisted Treatment and Technology offers addiction treatment and recovery services to its patients. Our Suboxone clinic in Owings Mills recognizes the disorder and treats it with utmost support and expertise. Call us today to allow us to help you find the motivation required to quit these substances.