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How to be Assertive When Recovering From Addiction

During recovery, addicts are encouraged to learn beneficial life skills to cope with their cravings. Addiction can be a result of low self-esteem; people who think they are not important are more likely to develop an addiction or be influenced by others forcing them to try drugs. When you go through the drug recovery process and try to rebuild your life again, it is important to learn to be assertive.

Importance of Being Assertive  

Being assertive means acknowledging your needs and standing up for yourself. Allowing the other person to dominate every aspect of your life can cause more stress. Being assertive helps people heal from issues of codependency, passive-aggressiveness, and fear of conflict. It can also boost self-esteem and self-respect when you take a stand for what you believe in. People can be both passive-aggressive or indulge in other unhealthy communication forms. People recovering from drug addiction need to learn how to ask for what they need and build healthy communication. Communication is the ultimate tool in every relationship; it gains trust and builds loving relationships.

Assertiveness In Recovery  

Assertive communication in recovery can make you feel connected to others and feel empathy for them. It helps you stand up for your rights confidently and respectfully and also value the opinions of others. Being assertive doesn’t mean being aggressive or overbearing, but it means effectively communicating what you want while being respectful. Practicing being assertive can make a person feel guilty for not agreeing with others. You should avoid feelings of guilt and try not to make others feel guilty for not agreeing with you either. Each individual has their own feelings and opinions, and we all can learn to agree to disagree. Assertiveness in recovery teaches you to stay calm while communicating. If, at any point, you feel angry or overwhelmed when communicating your needs, take a break and breathe to calm yourself down. Maryland Medication Assisted Treatment and Technology provides alcohol addiction treatment in Baltimore. It is a Suboxone clinic in Owings Mills that treats patients with substance abuse and provides effective care. Our drug addiction treatment is 100% patient-focused and dedicated to helping you with the recovery process. Call us to book your appointment or to know more about our services.