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Suboxone – a miracle drug

Opioid addiction treatment in the Baltimore area is now available through our new suboxone clinic. Our doctors are certified to prescribe suboxone for those addicted to opiates. Opiate addiction is no different than any other bad habit or negative coping mechanism. Sarcasm, anger, isolation, overeating, aggressive behavior, avoidance, overworking, and drug use are all examples of negative coping mechanisms used to deal with stressors. Stress and learning how to cope drives our behavior from infancy. As a child we start learning how to deal with stress by watching our family. Then as we get older we model the behavior of our friends, coworkers, and social group. The main way we learn how to cope with stress is through watching others in our environment. At MD MATT, we try to take these negative coping mechanisms and replace them with positive ones. If a person with a negative coping mechanism uses those mechanisms to relieve stress, eventually the coping mechanism itself causes problems. So the action you are taking to relieve your stress, is now the same thing that is causing stress. What used to be the coping mechanism, now has become a bad habit and a stressor.

Can a Suboxone Clinic Help Me Get Clean?

The issue with drugs use and opioid addiction is that it’s more than just a negative psychological coping mechanism, the person is unable to physically stop their bad habit without getting sick. That is why Suboxone a miracle drug! It allows patients to focus solely on the psychological aspects of their bad habits. Change is hard enough, imagine throwing in a debilitating sickness that tries to stop you from changing your drug habits becomes quite the challenge.

What medicine do you know that can take a hardcore heroin addict who can’t get out of bed without dope and have him working, taking care of his kids and planning to go back to school within 7-14 days? Matthew Steiner – Addicted Minds

That is because habits are very hard to break. If a person develops a habit over 10-20 years, it is going to take some major environmental changes, reinforcement, and progress tracking to create a new lifestyle change. This is where out fitbit of addiction medicine technology fits in. We will help you use the power of technology to reinforce good habits, drill in positive facts, and push for positive lifestyle change. Environment is the predominant factor in so many outcomes in life, including our habits. People see others habits, they choose what they like and what they don’t , then we model those behaviors. Eventually we fall into either positive, neutral, or negative habits that we instinctively use when stressors enter our lives. Drugs represent a logical coping mechanism. You’re presented with a problem out of your influence and drugs provide a false sense of power, strength, and control. What people are desperately seeking is some way to deal with and channel their fears into something manageable.

No Need to Keep Looking – Our Suboxone Clinic Can Help You Today!

MD MATT helps you replace your negative coping mechanisms with positive ones. We provide an environment where this process is modelled. And we offer resources to deal with problems. So make a change with us. We care about you as a person and we have science on our side. Let’s do this. Call or make an appointment today.