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Elite Provider Takes on Opiate Addiction in Baltimore, MD By Accepting Medicaid

My name is Matthew Steiner, CEO at Addicted Minds – The Elite Treatment Providers. Formerly a owner of a 70 bed inpatient treatment center in Delray Beach, Florida (once known as the Recovery Capital of the Nation) called Transformations Treatment Center. Recently, I have helped open MD MATT, a suboxone clinic in Baltimore, MD that accepts Medicaid. The opiate addiction treatment program utilizes technology to help keep patients engaged and supportive of one another. There is safety in numbers and God knows it takes a village to help one person addicted to opiates.

Why did we open a Suboxone Clinic in Baltimore, MD?

Baltimore is the heroin capital of the United States. Government agencies estimate that as many as one in 10 of the city’s residents are addicted to the drug. Source: Part I: Baltimore Is the U.S. Heroin Capital. I can not think of a better place to start helping those addicted to opiate than in the Heroin Capital of the Nation. The clinical team at MD MATT understands that we are working with 18-25  year olds who are glued to their phones night and day; not to say us older folk are not as well. The doctors at the MD MATT clinic not only prescribe Suboxone but encourage patients to participate in an innovative program put emphasis on the importance of technology and how it can be a useful tool when used appropriately in early recovery. Let’s face it, not everyone is a fan of 12 step programs. So we have to find new ways to reach the patient and this Baltimore suboxone clinic that accepts Medicaid does just that.

Who Should Come to a Baltimore Suboxone Clinic?

Well, here is another positive checkmark for MD MATT as they can treat just about every heroin or opiate addict that walks through their doors because they accept major insurance as well as Maryland Medicaid. So if you are thinking to yourself, I really need to stop using heroin. I really need to stop taking opiates. Please go to MD MATT’s suboxone clinic Baltimore program. I promise you there is a better way of living and shoot heroin only lead to death. You are not a statistic. Do not let heroin dealer or irresponsible doctors claim your life. You are a winner! You deserve a clinic and a team that genuinely cares about your well-being.