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How Parents Can Play A Role In Preventing Teenage Substance Use Disorder

Today’s teens are more likely to experiment with marijuana and hard drugs because of the glorification of drugs on social media and the need to escape the stress of teenage life. Around 70% of 12th graders can easily access marijuana and other drugs like cocaine in the US.   More reasons for substance abuse in teenagers can be rebellion, loneliness, or self-medication. No teen is safe from exposure to drugs and alcohol, which can quickly lead to drug addiction very early in life. This is why as parents, we need to prevent this from happening.

Why Do Teens Gravitate Toward Drugs?

Teenagers from abusive and underprivileged backgrounds are more vulnerable to addiction. This is exacerbated if they have mental illnesses like depression, anxiety, and panic attacks, and gender dysphoria. It is important to note that any kind of emotional stress can lead your child towards drugs because they think of it as a form of relief. Chronic pain or physical stresses can also lead to finding pain relief in drugs.   Early usage of drugs increases the risk of developing Substance Abuse Disorders later in life. Building a tolerance for opioids at the age of 16 develops quickly into opioid dependency and then transitioning to more severe problems like heroin addiction.

Parents Can Influence Prevention

Fortunately, as parents, we can help our children. According to a survey by the Center of Addiction, parents have a huge influence on their children’s decisions. Parents can help their children avoid any addictive substances by:

  • Having an open and loving relationship to establish trust with their children
  • Communicate with them and guide their children with any life problems
  • Minimize their exposure to addictive substances by monitoring what kind of friends they hang out with
  • Inform them about the risks they put their lives in by getting involved with drugs
  • Teach them when to say no and the difference between right and wrong
  • Take an interest in your children’s lives and encourage healthy activities


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