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Do Genes Affect Addiction?

About 9.5 million adults over the age of 18 suffer from substance abuse-related disorders, according to a report by the National Center for Drug Abuse Statistics. But what is the reason for so many Americans falling prey to this severe affliction? Sadly, therapeutic interventions for drug addiction treatment are seriously numbered. Another concern for the researchers of neuropsychiatry is that are some people more prone to addiction? In human beings, environmental and genetic factors go hand in hand to manifest a trait. From blood groups to psychiatric disorders, both environmental and genetic factors work together to determine our traits. The recent extensive research linking genetics with addiction de-stigmatizes addiction and sheds light on where addiction originates from. Instead of treating addiction patients like criminals, people will be more sympathetic and treat them with care.

Role Of Genes In Addiction

In 2004, scientists at the Howard Hughes Medical Institute at Duke University Medical Center identified a protein called PSD-95 linked to addiction and memory. Low levels of PSD-95 in mice made them more prone to cocaine addiction, and their memory suffered. Another protein called DARPP-32 was determined as one of the most commonly found proteins in all drug abusers. In mice, when DARPP-32 was removed, these mice did not respond to any drugs.

An Unhealthy Lifestyle Can Also Induce Addiction

Structural changes to genes – also called epigenetic changes –induced by many environmental stresses also trigger drug addiction and mental disorders. These stresses occur because of an unhealthy lifestyle ranging from cigarette smoke to an unhealthy diet. Changing your lifestyle can alleviate these negative effects. Healthy physical activity, socializing with friends, and a proper diet can all help in preventing epigenetic changes to your genes.

Getting Help

Just because we can inherit addiction does not mean there is no help. At Maryland Medication Assisted Treatment and Technology, our addiction center has a team of experts helping addiction patients with a foolproof scientific approach. In the golden age of technological advancements, we use addiction recovery technology to treat patients addicted to drugs of any kind. We aim to treat patients with genuine care and understanding using science and technology in unprecedented ways. Visit our suboxone Clinic in Baltimore to get in touch with our professional addiction doctors today and get the best medical assistance for addiction treatment. Visit our website to learn more about our programs and contact us now