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Wow, What a Surprise!

To my surprise, I just found out that there are Suboxone doctors near me accepting new patients! Living in the Baltimore area, last time I checked, no one was taking on new patients. There’s a limit of how many patients a Suboxone doctor can help at one time. I called the local number and found out that the process was really easy to get started.  The staff at the clinic were really friendly and very helpful. She Really Cared About Patients! After my first call, where I gathered all of the information that I wanted to know before making a decision to start the program, I did decide to call back the clinic and get the help that was needed. The young lady at the clinic that took my call clarified all of my expectations and put all of my worries to rest.  She took the time to listen to me and answer all of my concerns; I could tell that she really cares about patients. She explained to me that some insurance companies require a prior authorization.  She told me that my primary doctor could give me a referral for the Suboxone doctor. Suboxone Doctors Near Me I found out that I needed to bring my referral, my insurance card, a valid ID, and a list of the current medications that I take. The lady explained to me that Suboxone would take away all of the withdrawal side effects that normally happen when a person stops using opiates. That was a big relief because that’s one of the main reasons that I have not stopped using, I’ve been concerned about detox complications. Now I don’t have to worry about it! Excited to Get Started! I was told that the program involves medication, counseling, and the use of modern technology to help build a recovery community. After talking to the staff at the clinic, I’m very excited to get started with my program. I feel very fortunate that there are Suboxone doctors near me taking on new patients in Baltimore.