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Why do People Abuse Substances?

nmSubstance abuse can look different for everyone, and it can be challenging to understand why someone uses drugs. Additionally, every addiction can be different, and the intensity can vary from person to person. But there are some common reasons why people may become addicted to a substance. To fully understand why someone might do it, you need to have empathy for the individuals. Here are some common reasons reported by people for substance abuse.

Self Medication

People may sometimes self-medicate to avoid a trip to the doctor. One serious error of judgment where this is involved is mixing a non-opioid analgesic with a legal opioid. This can create pathways in the brain that produce intense rushes of neurotransmitters that cause a euphoric feeling. However, your brain can start requiring that kind of rush to function properly.

Gateway from the troubles

Many people who abuse drugs are going through something hard in their lives. It could be something related to their career or personal relationships. When individuals do not find the support and empathy from their friends and family, they can crave a quick fix. Unfortunately, this becomes particularly dangerous, as every time they face a problem, they will abuse a drug rather than communicate their concerns.


Depression is the most common mental illness in the United States. It is an actual mental illness that needs to be addressed and treated, not brushed under the rug. Unfortunately, due to the symptoms of the illness, some seek refuge with substance abuse. This makes the patient more dependent on substances to deal with their issues than human interactions.

Availability of drugs

There’s a greater chance you will try out illegal drugs because it is available to you. Unfortunately, trying it out for the first time may lead to a risky second time and so on. Before you know it, you have become addicted to the drug. But it’s never too late; you can get the help you deserve. At Maryland Medication Assisted Treatment and Technology, we have the best suboxone doctors in Owings Mills. We use technology to support our patients mental health. Our excellent drug addiction treatment in Baltimore has helped many individuals. Our TRUE recovery plan covers heroin addiction treatment Owings Mills . So, contact us today for your treatment program.