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The Push for More Suboxone Providers in the Baltimore Area

Suboxone is a miracle drug for opioid addiction. People who have an addiction to cocaine or other stimulants have NO WAY of reducing the effects of physical withdrawal. They have to go through a painful, drawn out process of detoxification. The same was true for opioid users, until Suboxone came along. People with opioid addiction can come to a clinic like MD M.A.T.T. and if they are motivated, be completely off opioids within a few weeks. Successfully managing a patient with opioid use disorder back into a normal lifestyle is a hard job, but it does pay very well and it has a very strong impact on the community. It seems to me like medical professionals should be jumping at the chance to treat the greatest affliction of our era.

Do Well by Doing Good!

Does Baltimore Need Suboxone Clinics and Doctors Certified to Prescribe Suboxone?

Sadly, that is not the case. Here in Baltimore alone our Health and Human Service Deputy Director has pushed to double the amount of opioid addiction treatment providers in Baltimore area. Even then the estimates are that only about 20% of the population is being served. And all the while addiction numbers are expected to have another year of double digit growth. Not good. We know what works, we know how to implement it, but we don’t have enough people to do the job. If you want proof, look at the legislation passed in 2016. Nurse practitioners are now allowed to treat 30 opioid use disorder patients for addiction with Suboxone (along with counseling). This alone has the possibility of opening up addiction care to 1.5 million new patients.

The crisis is getting worse and there’s no one to treat it. For immediate assistance, please call MD MATT today. Same day apts may be available. 443.559.4137. Our doctors prescribe suboxone and subutex.

Cities Served:

Randallstown, Westminster, Owings Mills, Baltimore, Towson, Columbia, Ellicott City, Catonsville, Glen Burnie.