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What is a Suboxone DEA Number?

Do you ever wonder about the guidelines for a doctor to prescribe suboxone? There are no real special guidelines for a physician to be able to write a prescription for suboxone. However, all suboxone prescriptions should have a suboxone DEA number on it, or a pharmacy may not fill it.

What to Know About Patient Confidentiality:

Under the Code of Federal Regulations, Title 42, Part 4, a physician must receive permission from a patient prior to faxing a prescription to a pharmacy. Buprenorphine is a schedule III medication, so the DEA guidelines, as well as state guidelines must be followed, the stricter guidelines must always be observed Prescriptions written on paper must be manually signed by a physician, whether filled out with permanent ink, typed out or printed on a computer or faxed. The Drug Enforcement Agency recommends a physician makes a copy of each prescription and to have their suboxone DEA number clearly written or stamped on the order.

What State Laws Concerning a Suboxone DEA Number?

All statues currently allow e-prescribing of schedule II narcotics, but the software to support this type of order to meet the DEA standards is not something all pharmacies have at their disposal. Additionally, there is no requirement that a pharmacy must utilize e-prescription or that a pharmacy must accept an e-prescription.

Why is it Important to Get Suboxone From a Licensed Provider?

Providers who have their patients get a prescription filled and return to their office aren’t subject to the same record keeping requirements as providers who store and dispense suboxone in their office. A suboxone doctor who has been trained and educated to provide medication-assisted drug treatment will have a limit on the number of patients they can treat, and these providers have their own suboxone DEA number. If you want to find out more information about suboxone and what it can do to help you recover from opiate addiction, please contact our program today for further assistance. Suboxone Clinic Baltimore is currently accepting new patients and yes our suboxone doctors do accept patients with Maryland State Medicaid.