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What is the Purpose of a Suboxone Doctor in Baltimore?

The purpose of suboxone treatment is to suppress the debilitating symptoms and withdrawal of opiates. This medication can enable an addict to engage in therapy, counseling and other supportive treatments, so they can implement a long-term recovery strategy. The purpose of a suboxone doctor in Baltimore is to help someone who is seeking a different type of treatment for their opiate addiction.

What is it About Suboxone that Promotes Recovery?

Suboxone is just a small facet of helping a person recover from opiate dependence. The medication alone could help someone begin the initial phase of recovery, but it is only a temporary way to suppress cravings and withdrawal. Recovering from opiate abuse and addiction involves reversing the brain changes that occur with opiate dependence. Medication helps facilitate healing, but it’s also recommended a person attend a program like Narcotic Anonymous, to work through the extenuating circumstances that brought about the addiction in the first place.

Isn’t Using Suboxone Switching One Addiction for Another?

No, with the assistance of a suboxone doctor in Baltimore, a person can receive successful treatment. The difference is that a doctor who prescribes suboxone knows the difference between a physical dependence and an addiction issue.  The differences between the two are as follows:

  • Addiction: a primary, chronic brain disease with genetic, social and environmental factors which influence its development and manifestation.
  • Dependence: is a state of adaptation that’s manifested by drug specific withdrawal symptoms which may be brought about by quick cessation, rapid decrease in the amount used, and possibly due to the administration of an opiate agonist.

Let Us Help You Find a Suboxone Clinic in Baltimore

Finding a suboxone clinic can be a little difficult, but you don’t have to search anymore because we are glad to help you. No longer are you forced to remain in the horrors of opiate addiction, please contact our caring program today and let us point you to a doctor who can assist you in obtaining suboxone and changing your entire life. Our suboxone doctor treats patients in and around the Baltimore, MD area.