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Methadone vs Suboxone – Which Do Doctors Prefer?

The chemical structure of methadone was first produced in the 1930’s as a team of German scientists was searching for a pain-killing drug (analgesic) that would not be as addictive as morphine. In 1937, two scientists (Max Bockmhl and Gustav Ehrhart) uncovered a synthetic substance that they called Hoechst 10820 or polamidon. Years later during World War II another team of German scientists expanded on earlier research and began synthesizing the substance as a result of short supplies of morphine and other analgesics. By the end of the war, the United States had obtained the rights to the drug from war requisitions and later coined the name methadone. Suboxone is considered the Gold standard for treating opiate addiction today! Buprenorphine, sometimes called bupes on the street, was discovered in 1966, at a home products company Reckitt and Colman. They believed that “opioids with structures substantially more complex than morphine could selectively retain the desirable actions whilst shedding the undesirable side effects,” and their main goal was to find such an opioid.

This sublingual form of buprenorphine was manufactured by Reckitt and was released in 1995, first in France, in response to the AIDS epidemic among heroin injection users. In 2002, it received FDA approval in the United States. Subutex contains just buprenorphine, so it was prone to diversion. By 2012, Reckitt would cease the production of Subutex (not for safety reasons).


is a sublingual brand name form of buprenorphine, designed to treat heroin addiction. It had high abuse potential.


is buprenorphine with an ingredient added that limits abuse potential. It is currently the gold standard of medication-assisted treatment. So why do some people like Methadone and other prefer Suboxone or Subutex? When you are in a methadone maintenance program, you are required to show up at the clinic and may have to wait outside for hours rain or shine, hot or cold. There have been news reports of brawls breaking out because someone couldn’t wait any longer so they cut the line. Other patient, also in a similar situation and also dealing with the emotional and physical rollercoaster physically harmed the person and they were sent to the hospital with minor injuries. Subutex is easily abused and even illegal in certain states because of how easily it is to abuse the medication. Suboxone on the other hand can be taken daily by the patient him or herself. They do not need to wait in lines and most clinics or doctors take insurance, some even Medicaid. If you are struggling with an addiction to opiate, Suboxone Clinic Baltimore is here to lend a helping hand. Same day appointment are usually available. If our suboxone clinic that accepts Medicaid just outside of Baltimore is not convenient enough you may want to try and Google Suboxone Clinic Near Me That Accepts Medicaid and see if there is anything closer. Our primary concern is that if you are addicted to opiates, you seek professional medical attention right away. Opiate addiction is a life-threatening illness that can be resolved quickly with the right doctor or clinic.