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Long-Term Side Effects of Drugs on the Body

While addiction has several long-term side effects, most drug addicts focus only on the instant relief they get from using/abusing drugs. Whether you consciously think about them or not, these long-term side effects are extremely harmful to a person’s overall health. Many individuals believe that it is almost impossible for them to get past their addiction, but they are wrong. Several people struggling with drug addiction are able to recover and save themselves from the long-term damages to their health. Here are some long-term side effects of drugs that can negatively impact your mind and body.

Negative Impact on Internal Organs

Over-consumption of drugs affects the internal organs, making them weak and unstable. If you have been consuming addictive drugs for a long time, there is a chance that your organs will be less responsive to their positive effects. You may no longer get quick relief from the symptoms of your disease, unlike a healthy person with no drug addiction.

Changes in the Body Weight

Drug consumption affects a person’s diet and liquid intake, affecting their body weight. Drugs keep you off the hook most of the time, so you forget about following a normal diet. You end up eating either too much or too little, but drugs affect the body weight whether or not you’re following a proper diet.

Cardiovascular Problems

Drug consumption leads to severe cardiovascular problems, which may not be instantly detectable but take a toll on your health. The heart’s vessels become over-dilated due to long-term use of drugs, leading to an increased blood circulation rate. This may cause shortness of breath and chest pain. It also increases blood pressure, weakening the walls of the blood vessels. In short, there is always a risk of aneurysms, heart attacks, and even death.

Brain Damage

Increased drug consumption leads to unnaturally fast brain aging, resulting in declining cognitive abilities and memory issues. Recovering from brain aging is a complicated process and can only be done in the first year of moderate drug habits. Often, medical intervention is necessary to deal with the cognitive decline among individuals struggling with drug addiction. If you’re looking for drug addiction treatment in Baltimore, we’re here to help you. We take same-day appointments and focus on the patient at all costs. We also have an app that helps you stay on track and reminds you of appointments. Contact us now for more details about our addiction center in Baltimore.