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How Can Families Help During Addiction Recovery?

The unintentional victims of an individual’s addiction are frequently their partners, kids, and other family members. Families with a loved one with an addiction disorder frequently go through a range of traumatic feelings. However, families have a significant impact on a loved one’s healing and recovery. Although your loved one must make every effort to recover, you may also help them during their addiction treatment.

Be a Part of the Treatment

Make time to visit them and encourage them that they are receiving the support they require to free themselves from addiction’s grip on their lives. Being active in the treatment is crucial for ensuring that the patient doesn’t feel abandoned or believe they are battling addiction alone.

Encourage Peer Support Groups Participation

Peer support groups can be beneficial for those with co-occurring addiction. One crucial approach to encourage a loved one’s recovery is by encouraging them to join a peer support group. As a supportive family member, go ‘peer group’ shopping with them. Attend sessions of various peer support groups to assist in locating the best group for them. Also, adjust the family’s schedule to ensure regular attendance at these sessions.

Avoid Encouraging Destructive Behavior

Actions that encourage destructive behavior are toxic for the individual suffering from addiction. Protecting someone you love comes naturally to you. Use that energy to prevent them from engaging in drug abuse. In fact, encourage them to seek help.

Promote Abstinence from Substances

Alcohol and drug effects can have a negative impact on those who suffer from addiction. Family members should ensure that they abstain from all alcohol and drug usage. Begin by expressing the view that the key to recovery is abstinence, and they should stay away from social situations where drug use is common. Additionally, assist them to participate in sober recreational activities by creating a network of pro-abstinence friends.

Coping with Stress

Life will always involve some level of stress. Instead of attempting to escape stress completely, it is better to create coping mechanisms. Help the individual suffering from addiction cope with stress. Journaling, exercising, eating healthy, and taking care of oneself are coping skills for substance abuse.

Is Your Family Member Battling Addiction?

If your family member is struggling with addiction recovery, you can help them by being an active part of the recovery process. It’s advised to consult with an addiction doctor in Baltimore to get an effective drug addiction treatment in Baltimore. At MD M.A.T.T, we offer technology-enhanced medication-assisted treatment for various types of addictions. Depending on the patient’s state, Dr. Frederick MD may also offer suboxone detox treatment. Get in touch with us today!