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Facts about Drugs You Didn’t Know

With drugs becoming a major problem for our communities, we must raise awareness about it. Only then can we start helping those experiencing the negative effects of drug abuse on their mind and body. Learn some surprising facts about drugs in this post.

Reasons Behind Heroin’s Popularity

One of the main reasons heroin is so popular is that it is regarded as a fast-acting opiate drug. People who snort, smoke, or inject it starts experiencing psychological and physical effects almost immediately. Another reason heroin became so popular was the fashion photography movement in the 1990s. The images of slim fashion models with pale skin, dark circles, and blank stares led to the rise of the ‘heroin chic style—attributes that were associated with heroin use.

Drugs That Cause Psychosis

Drugs like cocaine and methamphetamines as well as certain prescription painkillers can cause psychosis. Overuse of such drugs can lead to neurotoxicants killing or disrupting neurons. This affects the brain’s ability to process information and often leads to hallucinations. These people claim to hear and see things that aren’t there. If people don’t seek treatment urgently, this can cause an increase in the severity of structural brain damage.

Drugs and Poor Skin Condition

Long time use of any drug can lead to skin cell death, chronic skin ulcers, etc. Moreover, crystal meth can lead to scarring in users. However, this only happens when users abuse the drug and use it consistently for a long time. There are some more harmful drugs, such as krokodil, has a ‘flesh eating effect’ on the skin of users. Moreover, long term abuse of any drug can make affect people’s mental health, preventing them from taking care of their personal hygiene. This also leads to poor skin health.

Reliable Drug Addiction Treatment in Baltimore

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