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Factors That Contribute to Substance Abuse

Substance abuse, also known as drug abuse, occurs when an individual excessively uses a substance. The term can refer to several different substances, including alcohol, prescription drugs, marijuana, cocaine, or other illicit substances like heroin or methamphetamines. Some people with substance use disorders also develop psychological disorders along with addiction. Substance abuse has many long-term health consequences, and it can also lead to death if the user doesn’t receive treatment immediately after the problem has been identified. Our medicaid suboxone doctors in Owing Mills have put together a few factors that lead to substance abuse:

Family History

A family history of substance abuse is one of the most significant risk factors for developing an addiction. A parent or other close relative who struggles with alcoholism or drug abuse can increase your chances of developing a problem with substances. This is likely due to both genetic and environmental factors.

Personal Environment

If someone is constantly around people who are using drugs or alcohol, they are more likely to start using themselves. Additionally, if someone doesn’t have a stable home life or support system, they may turn to substances to cope. Poverty can also play a role, as people may turn to drugs or alcohol to escape difficult circumstances.

Peer Influence

Peer influence is one of the most significant factors contributing to substance abuse. When young people see their friends or peers using drugs, they’re more likely to try them. Additionally, peer pressure plays a role in convincing someone to keep using drugs even if they’re struggling with addiction.

Loneliness And Depression

Individuals struggling with depression or loneliness are more likely to turn toward substance abuse. Lack of interpersonal relations can make them find comfort in drugs. It may seem effective for a short while, but it can cause behavioral changes in a person, causing them to cut all societal ties.

Let Drug Specialists In Baltimore Help You Out

The crisis of substance abuse has always been a part of our society. But that doesn’t mean that you have to succumb to it. Reach out to our addiction specialists at MD M.A.T.T. We use a scientific approach along with medical assistance that will help you overcome your struggles with minimal risk of relapses. Contact us to learn more about our services.