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Community. Purpose. Technology.

A Winning Combination to Combat Addiction in Baltimore

Suboxone doctor in Baltimore, Maryland and surrounding area. We are taking new patients; we accept Medicaid and have same day appointments. New patients are able to schedule appointments and fill out their new patient intake packet of forms entirely online. Your first scheduled appointment will be approximately one hour long. If you are more comfortable filling out your paperwork at your appointment, that is fine too. Our staff is here for you; we treat every patient on an individual basis. Confidentiality is a priority for our staff. Changing Your Life in Recovery During your first visit, you will be in a small group setting, where we go over the guidelines of our program.  We will explain the structure and go over the support mechanisms, the path to finding a purpose, and the importance of community building.  This is where you will start to think about your goals and developing an action plan for success. Suboxone Doctor in Baltimore, Maryland After a few visits, you will progress to the point where you will be able to meet with your practitioner on a monthly basis. We use medication assisted treatment and technology to help our patients to change their lives. Suboxone and other medications, counseling, and technology are a winning combination. You Can Do This Too! Our professional and well-trained staff will guide you through the process; however, we can’t help you until you contact us for an appointment. Reaching out for help is up to you, but please know that you are not alone! Many individuals who were suffering from opioid addiction are changing their lives, setting goals, working on action plans, building communities, and not using opiates. You can do this too! Call our Suboxone doctor in Baltimore, Maryland and start your new life in recovery.