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3 Reasons People Become Addicts

There are many reasons why people spiral into the deep chasm of drug addiction. This can be environmental influences, genetics, or mental illnesses. Drugs alter the structure of the brain, making the addict crave the rush of dopamine again and again until the brain is completely exhausted and becomes dependent on the drugs.

Understanding Addiction

Drug addiction is a chronic ailment that is characterized by the repetitive and compulsive seeking of drugs. Initially, the drugs are taken voluntarily, but the urge for drugs increases gradually, and a person’s self-control is challenged.   Drugs mimic the natural neurotransmitters of the brain, inducing the production of dopamine in large amounts that create the feeling of euphoria. When the brain’s reward circuit is flooded with dopamine, the once properly functioning reward system starts to break down. The brain reinforces repetitive behavior in a person to repeatedly ingest more drugs to experience that pleasurable feeling until the brain is completely dependent on it.

Reasons for Drug Addiction

Drug addiction does not happen because of one single reason. Many factors can lead a person to addiction.

Genetics Affect Addiction

Biological factors like genetics play a major role in the vulnerability to addiction. Researchers have found many genes and proteins commonly found in all drug users. Proteins like PSD-95 and DARPP-32 are some of the proteins that make someone prone to addiction.

Family and Home Environment

If growing children witness their parents do drugs or live in a neighborhood where drugs are commonly used, they are more likely to get involved. Parents have a huge influence on the development of their children’s psyche. Watching adults indulge in alcohol and drugs makes the children think normal.   Children who grow up in abusive homes also find it hard to deal with emotional distress later in life and start finding an escape using drugs.

Mental Stress

Teenagers and adults both face various kinds of emotional and physical stresses. This can be depression, anxiety, gender dysphoria, panic attacks, and chronic body pains – all of these stresses influence drug addiction.

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