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Motivational Interviewing Program

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an adult man shakes hand with an adult woman meeting for the first time in motivational interviewing

Motivational interviewing (MI) is a proven technique used to treat addiction and other behavioral health issues. At MD M.A.T.T., we offer motivational interviewing programs that help patients gain insight into their behaviors and develop the motivation to change them. Our motivational interviewing program utilizes evidence-based practices and focuses on building a positive relationship between the patient and the therapist, an essential component of success.

Whether you are struggling with substance use or another behavioral health issue, our motivational interviewing programs can help you overcome obstacles and regain control over your life. So if you are ready to take the next step toward recovery, contact us at 410.469.6561 today to learn more about how our motivational interviewing program can help you and other options for addiction treatment in Maryland.

What Is MI?

Motivational interviewing is a technique that counselors use to help patients explore their ambivalence about change, identify their motivational factors for change, and commit to change. It is a strengths-based, solution-focused approach that builds on the patient’s motivation for change. Motivational interviewing is based on the premise that people are more likely to change if they can express their ambivalence and doubts and feel understood and supported in their exploration of those feelings.

The counselor’s role is to facilitate this exploration by asking open-ended questions, reflecting the patient’s feelings back to them, and supporting the patient in their process of self-exploration. MI has been shown to be a practical approach to helping patients make positive life changes. 

What Are the Benefits of Motivational Interviewing for Addiction?

Motivational interviewing is effective in treating addiction and can help people to understand and overcome their addiction. Motivational interviewing is based on the principle that people are more likely to change if they are motivated to do so. The counselor’s goal is to help the individual discover what drives them to change and create a plan to help them reach their goals successfully. Motivational interviewing has reduced drug use, improved treatment outcomes, and reduced relapse rates. Some significant benefits that individuals notice while participating in motivational interviewing for addiction include: 

  • Improved understanding of their addiction and how it affects their life
  • Increased self-confidence and motivation to make positive changes
  • Greater ability to set goals and take steps toward achieving them
  • A stronger relationship with their therapist and an increased feeling of support and connection

MI is a helpful tool for anyone who is struggling with addiction.

Finding a Motivational Interviewing Program

If you’re interested in finding a motivational interviewing program, there are a few things to remember. First, motivational interviewing is a collaborative approach that focuses on helping people explore and resolve ambivalence about change. Second, the key principles of motivational interviewing include empathy, respect, and partnership. And finally, motivational interviewing is not a one-size-fits-all approach. Programs can vary in terms of length, intensity, and focus. With that in mind, here are a few things to consider when searching for a motivational interviewing program:

  • What is your goal? — Are you looking to make a specific change in your life or simply explore your options? Knowing your goals will help you narrow down your search.
  • What is your budget? — There are many free or low-cost programs and more intensive options.
  • What is your schedule? — Some programs meet weekly for several months, while others are offered as weekend workshops or intensive retreats.
  • What is your preferred learning style? — Do you prefer one-on-one interaction or group settings? Are you interested in online learning or in-person instruction?

By keeping these factors in mind, you’ll be able to find a motivational interviewing program that’s just right for you.

Learn More About a Motivational Interviewing at MD M.A.T.T.

Motivational interviewing can be a valuable tool to help you overcome addiction and make positive changes in your life. MD M.A.T.T. provides our patients with a motivational interviewing program in the Baltimore, MD, area that offers face-to-face counseling, group support sessions, workshops, and retreats to help individuals achieve their goals.

Whether you’re struggling with addiction or simply looking to make a change in your life, motivational interviewing can be a powerful tool to support and guide you on your journey. At MD M.A.T.T., we offer various motivational interviewing programs tailored to meet each patient’s unique needs and goals. Contact us at 410.469.6561 and learn more about how motivational interviewing can help you achieve your goals today.